Wall Street-Turned-Crypto Exec Novogratz Claims ‘Enough Already’ To BCH-Promoting Tweet

The debate of brand-legitimacy inside the Bitcoin community vanished after a hard fork in the top cryptocurrency’s blockchain made Bitcoin Cash in August, 2017. Bitcoin Cash routine changes have been made to ease the scalability of their cryptocurrency, intending to make transactions faster and more economical.    

Enough already. Bitcoin heart is BTC. It’s a store of value. It’s gold that is digital . It is market cap dwarfs bitcoin money. If you would like to be a obligations currency by definition you need to have stable value. So why possess it. ??

The struggle between BTC and BCH practically reached the stage of a suit overdue. Members of the pro-BTC community began a campaign to gather funds to get a suit alleging that crypto media and wallet service Bitcoin.com — headed by BCH-proponent Roger Ver — was intentionally deceiving buyers to buy BCH by diluting its own differentiation from BTC. Since Cointelegraph reported, the litigation has been scrapped, with the organizers.