Unconfirmed: Telegram’s TON Testnet Blockchain Light Client Uploaded to GitHub

The credibility of the repository hasn’t been officially verified, although A URL to the site has also been posted by a Telegram station specializing in TON. Kiku Reise has told Cointelegraph the material is leaked and he does not get the job done to get Telegram.
What he did, according to him, is create a backup of the above test.ton.org domain names name on GitHub. He concludes:

Michael Novogratz, CEO and founder of cryptocurrency retailer banking Galaxy Digital, has implied that one of the crypto assets created by social media giants — like Facebook and Telegram — will succeed Since Cointelegraph recently reported.

The record also refers to what appears to provide you the identical content of the GitHub repository within the test.ton.org domain. This domain name was registered so the registrar’s identity can’t be found from the ICANN archivefile.

The programmer who created — and the user who donated — to the repository in question goes by the nickname Kiku Reise. Based on some GitHub profile, he’s based out of Ukraine and that he contributed — among many others — to proxy software shadowsocks’ windows and mobile versions.
Per the readme information document the customer transmits some questions for it and — if configured connects to a complete node for your TON blockchain testnet. The existence of a testnet is in accordance with reports released based on which Telegram opened access to a limited number of developers to a testing version of the TON Blockchain, such as advancement teams that are Russian.

Released at Mon, 27 May 2019 11:19:00 +0000

The repository also contains an introduction to the programming language specializing in creating contracts to the TON blockchain, the existence of which had been rumored earlier this week.

A GitHub user appearing uploaded the first version of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain light customer on May 25.
“I believe there is a small likelihood this might be a bogus. We’ll examine the code and find out for sure.”