Tippin.me Takes Away At Lightning Speed with over 14,000 New Users

Abril advised Bitcoin Magazine that the amounts involved are small so that this takes some strain off, but he is still quite aware of security issues.
Since its launch, Tippin.me has shipped out 16,500 hints and generated 195,000 invoices.
Asked if his faith had been shaken by the bear market from Bitcoin, Abril stated:
When you sign up in Tippin.me, a small web custodial wallet is made there, linked to your Twitter username.

Struck by the prospective success of this new Lightning network protocol, Abril established Tippin.me three months ago as a means to enable Lightning micropayments with no user having to install an LN node.
“Regardless of the present market situation, I think that nothing has changed. Bitcoin is the development of cash, and it’ll occur sooner or later. It’ll keep on growing no matter what.

Since the new Lightning network (LN) protocol continues to take the Crypto-Twitterverse by storm, it’s taking at least one new app with it, as the leaning and micropayment app Tippin.me catches on like wildfire. Creator Sergio Abril told Bitcoin Magazine he is “overwhelmed” by the interest and support he is receiving from around the globe.
The objective of Tippin.me is to earn the Lightning network easier to use, by providing customers a simple, custodial web wallet to get and handle little sums of bitcoin for hints and micropayments.

Asked about the timeline for carrying Tippin.me out of beta, Abril mentioned:

Cashing out hints is done out of the Tippin.me dashboard.

“The truth is that anything can happen, but as long as you don’t even maintain your bitcoins in there, and do cashouts frequently, you will be OK. Additionally, let’s not forget that we are discussing small hints, usually just cents.”

Promoting quad and Bitcoin

You’ll also need to put in a mobile Lightning wallet, such as an eclair pocket to get androids or the bluewallet for IOS and androids in the Perform or Program stores.
“I decided to show a disclaimer in the sign up screen on Tippin since date, to make sure that nobody had been holding a huge volume. I know that this sign could hold people back, but Tippin was a side project, a fun experiment, and I didn’t even want people to risk. ”
To install Tippin.me, then you may use the extensions Google Chrome or even Firefox. The Chrome variation has been set up by some customers and that seems to work.

“However we need to make it more easy to use if we would like to speed up this practice. We need to simplify everything to push adoption. A whole lot. And ’s why I made the decision to construct Tippin.me. ”
A QR-code will look, After the Lightning icon is clicked and you are able to scan it. (The practice of regaining a suitable QR code for this user is handled automatically by the extension itself.)
“there were some hurdles that made leaning hard, although I realized that micro payments could be huge using Lightning Network. You had to be online to get a tip, you had to create an invoice each moment. It certainly something more attractive, it had to be far easier, and had to be more easy. And that’s just how Tippin began,” Abril told Bitcoin Magazine.

Abril said:
Users need simply sign in with their Twitter account, register, and download an application extension to Firefox or even Chrome to utilize it upon Twitter. From that point, they can share a QR code using fellow tippin.me users to get tips through the Lightning network.

We were told by abril he is becoming over 200 new users each day, 14,100 new users at March 6, 2019.
With the browser extension set up, a quad icon will appear in your tweets across the base, appearing following the such as, retweet, reply and message symbols.

How Does This Function?

“The threat, as I view it, isn't since the Tippin.me wallets require certain information to be shown publicly. #x27 & it;s part because of the custodial nature of this tool, and in part because of its novelty. Tippin.me remains in Beta mode, so there are some dangers to users as the machine has not yet been battle-tested and there’s a greater probability of bugs. ”
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“It’s a fun way to play with lightning,” said Coin Center Communications Director Neeraj Agrawal. “Small applications such as these are for onboarding great. It made me to eventually install a lightning wallet. ”

“I still expect to get a viable gold product in weeks … The truth is that the Lightning Network is still in Beta too, and that’s certainly one of the reasons I chose to hold on and stay within this stage (Should Lightning Network may fail, so [could ] Tippin, that can be developed on top of Lightning Network… Therefore I didn’t even want to danger ). Fortunately, LN (Lightning Network) is maturing quite quickly, and the machine ’m building is actually strong previously, so things can change shortly! ”
Since another storm is weathered by the Bitcoin space, security is top of mind.