Just recently news.Bitcoin.com reported about the two big mining rig producers Bitmain and Canaan revealing their next generation mining apparatus. At the moment, Canaan showed the new Avalonminer 10 would process 31TH/s but Bitmain had not divulged the new Antminer 17 string specs. Now China’s second largest fabless chipmaker has declared the initial batch earnings for several S17s which will ship April 20-30 and begins Tuesday. The miners from the series include S17 Pro the Antminer S17 and the T17 that will be introduced at a later date. All three kinds of models are built using Bitmain’s BM1397 7nm mining chips that are far more effective than the past 7nm chips of the company.
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Bitmain will sell the miners in 2 batches, on Wednesday and Tuesday, however, the cost per machine hasn’t yet been declared. Based on the cost the machines of Bitmain can outshine the majority of the machines in the marketplace due to performance such as opponents like Ebit Canaan, and Asicminer machines. There are reviews and wholesalers although devices that claim to process between 44-76 trillion hashes a minute are sold by the maker Asicminer. Then there is the Whatsminer M10S version from Microbt Mining that has electricity consumption of 3500W and a maximum hashrate of 55TH/s.

On April 8, the Chinese mining rig maker Bitmain Technologies introduced the specifications to the provider’s latest Antminer 17 series. The company claims the three new bitcoin miners control a hashrate of over 50 trillion hashes per minute (TH/s) that outpaces nearly all leading machines now.
The S17 Pro models offer two kinds of variants which include a 53 TH/s plus a 50 TH/s version. Moreover, the S17s come with three kinds of mining modes that may be customized with the customer. For example, using turbo mode, the S17 Guru has a power efficiency of 45 J/TH (trillions of hashes per joule), normal mode processes in 39.5 J/TH, and the low-power setting functions at 36 J/TH. An individual would think the Guru models process hashes per minute but this is not the situation. The S17s are actually more powerful, processing 53-56 trillion hashes per minute. According Bitmain, the two standard S17s possess a power performance of 45 J/TH using normal mode, whereas the mode utilizes at 42 J/TH to.

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