Stanford, Wharton and Georgetown Expand Bitcoin Business Courses

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania will also supply a cryptocurrency class this fall for the first time. Professor Kevin Werbach said: “We’re at the point where there is a vital mass to teach this domain name. There’ll be a true phenomenon in business for the near future, and five years down the road that there won’t be too many significant business schools that don’t provide similar classes.”

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It’s not only students that are requesting more classes but industry too. We need people to learn how to apply blockchain technology.” He added that: “Any type app will need to equip students within this field to compete. It’s everywhere we turn.”

Susan Athey, the technology professor who will instruct the new class, commented to CNBC: “The fluctuations in the costs have everybody mesmerized: How did this occur? Many people have gone bust or prosper and that’s, of course, exciting, brings plenty of attention and motivates people to understand what’s happening.”

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2018 is shaping up to be the year of bitcoin at academia as a growing number of institutes for higher education enter into the field. The most recent example comes from several top rated business schools in the US that are enlarging their offering because of student demands.