Russian Railways to Contemplate Blockchain Use to Users of Discounted Transport Services

While speaking in a meeting with RNS the new blockchain project intends to bring into some system for customers of transportation services, eliminating fraud and forgery, Drozdov clarified.
Lately, the town council of Moscow filed a bill to apply blockchain technology from dividing voters & rsquo; personal data in the voting success, in order to reduce the opportunity for fraud.
The fund’s head also revealed that the pilot has been set to be completed along the railway line.
Drozdov answered that Russia & rsquo; s Pension Fund can not be included in the initiative in the stage when asked regarding the finance & rsquo; s plans for blockchain pilots at a new planned system of individual pension funds. He declared that the central bank of Russia is developing a legislative foundation since a administrator is required by the initiative.

Russia’s federal retirement fund is settling an arrangement with Russian telemarketers to utilize blockchain for monitoring transport passengers that qualify for discounted services, Moscow-based news bureau Rambler News Service (RNS) reports on March 1.
Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced an additional deadline for the government to adopt regulations that were crypto-related. According to the order, the regulation has to be adopted during the spring session of 2019 and enforced by July 1, 2019.

The head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, anton Drozdov, revealed that the Deutsche fund is expected to close the agreement also a government owned passenger and freight train services company, sometime in 2019.