Mueller Report: Russia Used Bitcoin to Fund DNC Hacks

Some of these findings were noted within an 2018 indictment in the DOJ. However, with its report, the Mueller analysis instills feelings that autocratic regimes such as North Korea and Russia are utilizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to bypass U.S. and global sanctions. This shadow market, in effect, enables these regimes without instantly alerting global governments, to fund activities that are illicit the role bitcoin filled through its hindrance from the 2016 election. North Korea has orchestrated numerous South Korean crypto exchange hacks to fulfill its coffers while Russia pulled its reservations from mining.
Two military components of the GRU, the report continues some 30 pages after, hacked into computer hardware belonging to Clinton’s campaign, the Democartic National Committee (DNC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), leading to email leaks which revealed that the DNC gave Clinton preferential treatment throughout the 2016 Democratic primaries.