International Coalition Set to Tackle Cryptocurrency Tax Crime

The J5 is a response to a petition by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for states to do more to handle tax evaders.

The new task force, that could work collaboratively with all the OECD where appropriate, believes”offshore constructions and financial devices” once used to launder money and commit tax offenses could be detrimental to a country’s financial well-being.

The IRS was concerned about cryptocurrency taxes because 2014, in which it issued a cryptocurrency taxation advice and announced it might treat bitcoin for a property. Last year, it gathered a group of investigators to crack down on those using cryptocurrency to generate income and evade taxes. In its efforts to catch Western tax tips, the IRS formerly purchased Coinbase to turn over records of over 480,000 users. After a lengthy legal battle, that it lost, it reduced its orders for 14,000 users who participated in trading activity over $20,000.
The U.K.’s Director of HMRC Fraud Investigation Service Simon York believes the J5 will create”the world bigger for individuals trying to exploit our systems and ensuring no one is beyond our reach.”
In the very first meeting of the team, leading tax and financial experts from the member nations came together to create strategic plans and recognize new opportunities for chasing global tax criminals.