Dutch Trader Loses Reclamation Suit Against Banks Who Froze His Accounts

The aspiring dealer filed suit for euro;43,220 (~$50,000). He arrived at this figure by projecting the profits he would have recognized if he bought bitcoin in €330 (~385 ) and sold €2,500 (~$3,000 USD).

Published at Fri, 17 Aug 2018 20:22:28 +0000
Ultimately, the judgment determined that the possible bitcoin dealer had no one else to blame but himself for not securing the 10 bitcoin and understanding some possible gains.
The two ING and ABN maintained that when the cube was lifted on his accounts, he could have purchased the bitcoins. They both claim that the unblocking of the accounts was delayed for safety reasons and the fact that the customer had set their accounts preferences to deny telephone contact.

According to the complaint, the banks maintained the man’s transactions were refused because of fraud prevention steps. It argued, however, that fraud avoidance isn’t the reason ING and ABN refused the transactions. Rather, the complainant accused both banks of blocking his accounts for industrial reasons which were hidden as fraud prevention steps.