Bitcoin Price Evaluation: Strong Impulse Tests Macro Support Levels

While the quantity and spread were pretty intimidating, it should be mentioned that the most immediate support amount (shown above in blue) is presently holding. However, should this support level break, we must fully expect to revisit the support levels toward the bottom of the range at the low $3,000s. Until we visit a daily close under the present support amount, the trend model stays somewhat neutral. Even though the current sector is swinging 10% a day, the general construction is neither bullish nor bearish.

Not only did this movement happen on high spread, it occured on high volume. This amount of supply and general lack of need is not anything something you would want to find out whether you are feeling bullish regarding bitcoin’s marketplace arrangement. Currently, We’re sitting directly on top of Everyday support levels and have yet to close a new low:
The BBands happen to be squeezing inward for days, which indicates the market was consolidating — no surprise there because the industry hasn’t actually moved from its well-defined range. Looking at the daily BBands thoughwe really do see the infancy of a BBands growth, suggesting the sector is done consolidating and is ready for its next key move.

As I stated before, I want to see a close beneath the present support amount before I move full-blown bear. Even though the present market structure is neutral, it is beginning to show the early signs of a strong bearish continuation. Just because bitcoin watched a few weeks of strong need, that does not negate the months and months of downward pressure.


  1. Bitcoin dropped 11 percent in one day as it finds itself testing its macro support level.
  2. We’ve yet to close a new low, but the BBands are revealing that the industry is coiled and ready for its next big move.
  3. If we close below our current support amount, the next logical evaluation would be of the past support amount in the low $3,000s.

Eventually, after about a week or so of a tight, range-bound marketplace, bitcoin poked through support. This swift movement dropped the price almost 10% in the course of just a few short hours:
In our instance, the BBands are hinting toward a downward continuation. If we figure out how to break the grim support amount displayed previously, we can potentially see a strong continuation of this macro downtrend.
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It must be noted, but that growth of quantity and price spread leading into support tests is often a indication of market supply. A potentially bearish slant to the current downward urge is present from the Bollinger Bands (BBands):