Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: ETFs and Expansions

The Dash cryptocurrency is establishing itself as one of Venezuela’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin may nevertheless be king over the global scene, but in South America’s northernmost nation, dash is vying for excellence. And, based on Latin American market Cryptobuyer, it’s all usurped bitcoin from the region.

Published at Sun, 29 Jul 2018 15:41:42 +0000

Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Proposal Denied by U.S. SEC

Qtum is an hybrid platform which utilizes the Account Attraction Layer, an interface layer, to merge the strength of Bitcoin’s blockchain with all the Ethereum Virtual Machine to construct decentralized software. Designed as a toolkit, the stage utilizes the proof-of-stake model to reduce the network’s computational difficulty when mitigating and resolving scalability. Qtum has now launched its decentralized program (DApp) improvement platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this launch, AWS consumers and developers are going to have the ability to create and launch smart contracts using an Amazon Machine Picture (AMI), made up of Qtum Core, Solidity and Qmix net IDE.
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency market by daily volume, is growing out of its home base in Hong Kong into South Korea. Even though South Korea is presumed to be the third-largest crypto market following the U.S. and Japan, it has not been a smooth ride to the cryptocurrency exchanges operating there. Bithumb and Coinrail were hacked earlier this year, whilst tax police have raided Coinone on tax evasion allegations. Binance appears to be undeterred by all this, since it’s been laying the groundwork for its own expansion into South Korea for a while. Last year, the company additional Korean language service to its site.

SEC Puts Off Decision about 5 Bitcoin ETFs Till September 2018

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