A Freelance Job Market Can Be Going Its 700,000 Users to EOS

The investment will be used also to integrate its current infrastructure and to expand Moonlighting’s user base.
It is not the first foray into crypto of Moonlighting. The organization considered, but not ran, a first coin supplying in mid-2018 to help alleviate faster payments. “Too much scrutiny this past year,” Tennery told CoinDesk. “Plus EOS VC chosen to invest in traditional equity.”
Stepping back, Block.one raised an estimated $4 billion into a yearlong preliminary coin that ended in 2018, utilizing those funds to create the EOSIO applications on which the EOS blockchain is run. Block.one also spent in funders who’d support applications intended to operate on the new blockchain, most beautifully in Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital. The FinLab EOS VC fund is a similar work.
Germany’s FinLab AG was residing in financial technology because 2005. FinLab board member Stefan Schuetze said in a release that people at his firm”believe they’ll be among the early winners to validate blockchain.”

Blockchain Managers

“We determined that we need our users to be able to port their profile into any platform and provide them a easy method to use their Moonlighting profile where they decided to use it,” Tennery said via email. “The gig market is really fragmented, and our aim is to allow salespeople command the usage of the profile and supply a single sign-on, aggregated gateway.”

“We believe that Moonlighting comprises the three important traits you look for in a decentralized program: real clients, real traction along with also a bona fide use case for blockchain engineering,” Paul Grotowski, COO of all EOS VC, said in a press release.
“The hashes in the blockchain offers audit-ability and validity into our freelancer profiles preserved off-chain,” he explained.
Integrating with Web 3.0 technologies is a tactical shift for Moonlighting.

This is important because the business plans to use this funding to increase its investigation of profiles by authenticating freelancers’ various training certificates.

“This financing facilitates implementing our blockchain plans are the Oracle of Profiles in the freelance market”

Said Tennery:

Released at Wed, 10 Apr 2019 19:00:54 +0000

More than 700,000 user accounts from a freelancing website are moving on the EOS blockchain.

However, the business isn’t copying all its information to the blockchain in text. It’s securing the information with hashes that rely upon Moonlighting database .